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    Taranoid Ultra

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    Roll into action with the Bakugan Geogan Rising Starter Pack! With 2 Bakugan, 1 Bakugan Ultra, 6 BakuCores, 3 character cards and 3 ability cards, face off against your friends and brawl! Roll your Bakugan into battle for pop open Baku-Action or choose your Bakugan Ultra for an epic leap open transformation. Use the Starter Pack’s Gate-Card for even more ways to play and earn bonuses! Each Season 3 Bakugan features awesome detailing and Faction symbols, and now you can also collect Geogan (sold separately)! These mysterious Bakugan have new shapes and unique transformations for even more battling power! Collect over 200 Season 3 Bakugan, trade with friends and battle with the Bakugan Geogan Rising Starter 3-Pack!